Crafty Raven Massage Testimonials
As one of Drew's bodywork teachers, it's a real pleasure to now be one of his clients. He has a depth of Mastery that is seldom seen in bodytherapy, especially in one relatively new to the field. He has been able to build upon the work he has learned to create something uniquely his own, adding his creativity, his deep knowledge of structure and function, and profound intuition and energy sense developed through many years of martial arts. The therapeutic work Drew is creating and developing is extraordinarily effective, unique, and my experience of the benefits of reduced pain and increased function has been a delight. Thanks Drew!
John M Thorpe, RCST/BCST, LMT, NCTM, FSL Administrative Director and Co-Owner of The Bodhi Tree Center for Healing Arts, Carson City.

 I am very fortunate to have found Drew. I knew that I found someone special when he identified that my body would respond to a different technique than I was used to. He has an intuitive touch that greatly reduced the muscle tension and "knots" that I so frequently carry in my back and shoulder area.
I highly recommend Drew to anyone looking for an amazing massage by a gifted massage therapist.
Phil Gebo
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